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Common difficulties in learning foreign languages

In today’s world it is impossible to live without knowledge of foreign languages. A specialist will be more in demand if he speaks several foreign languages, and his chances of getting a prestigious position in an international company are increasing.

However, it is widely known that learning foreign languages requires a lot of time, effort and patience, and practice is important in this case. Undoubtedly, for someone, the process of learning a foreign language is easier, for someone more difficult, but there are problems in learning languages that are common to almost all persons.


Most people who decide to learn a foreign language face the problem of fear that they do not have enough patience or opportunities to master all the subtleties and features of a foreign language. It makes people doubt that at times reduces their willingness to start learning a foreign language. Stock up on patience and self-confidence, if you decide to learn a foreign language, it is the key to your success in this business. It is not hardly as math homework.

Insufficient capacity

Many people refuse the idea of learning a foreign language because they can not afford to pay for lessons in language schools. However, you should be aware that there are various alternative options for learning foreign languages, such as:

  • Internet sites;
  • books;
  • forums;
  • video lessons;
  • online tests.

You should only want to learn a foreign language and you are sure to find an affordable way for you to do it. But now you can start here:


Every person who has decided to learn a particular foreign language should be prepared for the fact that it contains unusual, sometimes even strange features and nuances that not everyone is ready to accept. It is impossible to reject these features because each language has its own history and culture, which should be treated with respect. So eliminate any kind of negation and set yourself up to accept only.

Lack of free time

This is the most common problem that prevents learning a foreign language. People who work, study, have families or something else constantly do not have enough time to learn the language. However, if you are really determined to do this, then you should reorganize your daily schedule and find enough time in it to learn a foreign language. This is the only way to succeed.


Very often there are situations when a person really wants to learn a foreign language, but he is so insecure in his abilities that he does not even try to do it. Remember that self-doubt is the most dangerous obstacle on the way to learning a foreign language. Set yourself to the fact that you will succeed and you will certainly be able to learn a foreign language.

The need to learn foreign languages is dictated by modern realities, thanks to it you will be able to travel and communicate with people in different countries of the world, it will give you new opportunities. Start learning foreign languages right now and remember that everything is possible!

Deadlines: How important is admission to college in the US?

What’s on a date? November 1, December 1, January 1, and May 1 are four separate days of the year, but for many universities in the United States, these data are significant. Either to send an application or to notify a university you wish to attend, there are several time limits for admission to the university in the United States that international students should know.

What happens in the university admission offices?

With the end of the fall season for universities in the United States, the reception offices have completed a large part of their hiring journeys around the world. Now they are preparing for the so-called reading season, where they will spend the better part of the next three months reading and rating student requests. For some, this process has already begun. If a college or university has an early application deadline, they will already make decisions. But what are these deadlines and what do they mean?

Types of application deadlines

Like many parts of the US college admissions process, there are no simple answers that are not “dependent”.

In general, there are four types of deadlines that international students can see when applying to US colleges and universities. UU Continuous approvals are given at universities, where the applications are examined throughout the year without application deadline. Institutions with a continuous admission policy are generally less selective. However, these colleges and universities offer the greatest flexibility for international students applying to enter the United States.

The next one is Early Action (EA). In general, EE applicants must apply to selected institutions at some point between mid-October and mid-November. If a premature measure is approved for these universities, you will receive a decision in mid-December. While most universities that allow students through EA do not require students to participate when they are admitted (called binding decisions), some are restrictive and, if they allow this, they expect participation. In these cases, international students will only need to apply for an EA if they really want to attend this university.

Similar to early action is Early Decision (ED). As in early action, ED deadlines will be presented on November 1 or November 15, and decisions will be made in mid-December. The main difference is that the decision, if approved, is binding: you have to visit the university that accepts your ED. If you apply, you need to sign a contract with your school counselor and parents to let ED know that you have to accept your offer if you are approved. For this reason, international students need to think carefully about which college or university they are applying for as an early candidate.

Last but not least is the regular decision (RD). For most international students, applying to universities with regular decision deadlines is the way to go if you are not sure which college you want to attend at the time of application. Between the universities of EE. UU Apart from outliers such as the University of California system, which sets a date for students on November 30, most deadlines are January or early February.

Special Note: For international students who wish to attend a selected college or university, but do not have the correct test results, there are several facilities offering Continuous Approval Access programs. These route programs allow students to complete a combination of English and academic courses in the first year, and then move on to full-time study in the second year.

Shipping by mail or delivered by?

A general concern of international students is whether these application deadlines are strict or flexible. Deadlines are strictly enforced in discussions with international admissions officers in various institutions. For most colleges, this means that all required materials must be mailed or postmarked before the application deadline. The answer to the stamped / received question depends on the university.

Decision day – 1 May

Perhaps the most important date that you will learn after submitting your application to the universities and colleges of the States